Before launching our Partnership together, Scentsy and Maven did a pilot for three months with a number of Scentsy consultants who tested the Maven app and provided feedback ensuring an optimal experience for all Scentsy consultants.

Below we feature three Scentsy consultants, who share their stories on Mavens' impact on their businesses.

Amy Johnston, a SuperStar consultant in Ontario, Canada, shares how Maven made it easy to follow-up with customers without feeling pushy.

Bob "Wally" and Carol Wise, who have been running their Scentsy business together for nine years, share how Maven has replaced a tool they were using in the past and has saved them money.

Trisa De Leon, a Star Director in Southern California, had a complex automated system using five different programs (costing her $200 per month), before she found Maven.

Amy Johnston


Home: Ontario, Canada
Title: SuperStar Consultant
Length of time with Scentsy: 4 years
Current favorite scent: Pink Haze
Fun facts: I'm a nerd at heart.
Total number of Maven to dos completed during the Maven Scentsy Pilot: 1,781
Biggest challenge: Relationship building & follow up

Before Maven Amy did not have a system for running her business, and struggled to find one that worked for her. During the Maven Scentsy Pilot, Amy promoted to SuperStar Consultant!

Before Maven

Because Amy did not have a system for running her business, she faced challenges following up with customers and maintaining those relationships. When it came time to follow up I found it difficult because of wording and what to say. I didn't want to come across as pushy or in a wrong manner or too "sales-y."

Amy's Maven Experience As a Pilot Participant

Maven has been a great asset to my business! It is a must for me and my business now. I love how easy it is to follow-up with customers and not struggle with coming up with what to say. The notes section under each contact is also a big benefit so I can log information I find important to each. Logging samples given out as well is huge too. There isn't an aspect of Maven I don't love!

"Thanks to Maven I've been in contact with my customers more and it has allowed myself and my business to grow."

Bob "Wally" and Carol Wise


Home: Iowa
Title: SuperStar Consultant
Length of time with Scentsy: 9 years in September
Current favorite scent: Sunkissed Citrus
Fun facts: Bob and Carol love to dance and were high school sweethearts (and went to prom together!). “The only genre we don’t dance to is Opera and hip-hop."
Biggest challenge: Juggling multiple apps and creating a reliable system to manage their business.

Bob and Carol work their business together and before Maven, were using two other apps costing them $45 every month to use. The apps were not integrated with Scentsy, requiring Bob and Carol to import information manually.

Before Maven

Carol is “the guru” and Bob was “dragging his feet” when it came to working technology solution for their Scentsy business. For majority of the last almost nine years, Carol and Bob were “paper shuffling” customer information and trying to create a system that was reliable. Bob and carol used two systems: Pipedrive for keeping track of customer information and notes and Constant Contacts for marketing. Neither systems integrated with the Scentsy Workstation, requiring Bob and Carol to bring in the information on their own. And adopting the solutions into their business workflow had a learning curve.

“We do a lot of events. I love that I can turn the phone over and have a new customer or contact put their information directly in Maven. If you write it down on a piece of paper, you’re wondering afterwards: 'where did that piece of paper go?'”

Bob and Carol's Maven Experience As Pilot Participants

Primarly Bob focused on testing Maven during the Pilot Program. Maven’s greatest impact is the sheer mobility of the program. When Maven recommends reaching out to a customer, Bob does so instantly. And if a new product launces that a current customer might be interested in, Bob loves that he can easily send a link to their contact. “Once you get over the fear of using it, Maven is so user friendly. And Scentsy-friendly. And we’ve always appreciated that the Maven team is willing to accept and listen to our feedback.”

Bob and Carol will no longer be using Constant Contacts, saving them $20 per month and will over time move information from Pipedrive into Maven as well.

“If I only have 15 or 20 To Do notifications, to me that means I’ve been too lax about my business. In literally a few hours can wipe out a 100 To Dos. And I don’t mean I 'dismiss' them. I actually do them.”

Trista De Leon

Home: California
Title: Star Director
Length of time with Scentsy: 10 years
Current favorite scent: Pink Haze
Fun facts: Trista has 2 beautiful daughters and runs her business with her husband.
Total number of Maven to dos completed during the Maven Scentsy Pilot: 1,781
Biggest challenge: Relationship building & follow up

Trista has a unique business set up, with customers primarily shopping online. She also works full time with a total daily commute of three hours. Extra income with a flexible schedule is a must, and that’s why she loves her job with Scentsy.

Before Maven

Since Trista was so busy, she created an automated system to keep up with her high volume of orders. Her complex workflow connected 5 different programs, which cost her over $200 per month. Even with this impressive set-up, Trista still had gaps in her follow-up, and it prevent her from building personal relationships with her customers. She needed something that was automated, but still allowed her to building 1:1 relationships with her customers.

Trista’s Maven Experience As a Pilot Participant

“Maven does it all. It makes it easy to follow up with my customers on a daily basis in minutes. I have customers responding to my follow-ups now, which had never happened to me before. And they’ve had follow-up questions about products, which is enabling me to actually build relationships with new customers who I don’t know personally. I've had numerous orders come through because I’m completing follow-ups reminders prompted to me by Maven.”

Maven has helped Trista save money and time each month by streamlining her follow-up system into one service. She can now build more meaningful relationships with her customers and increase sales, without sacrificing time while increasing profit.

"I'm so thankful that Maven was offered to us as a tool to stay on top of our business!"