When you first download Maven, you have access to a 30-day free trial of our entire functionality. After the first 30 days, you will be prompted to either select our Premium Plan (powered by AMI) or our Basic (free) plan.

What's the difference between the Premium & Basic Plans?

The Basic Plan, which is completely free, allows you to manually record purchases, add customers, track samples, and share product links. We also include our Social Shop functionality, free of charge, which helps you create a personally branded shopping experience for your customers using your photo feed from Instagram. However, once your Trial is over your orders and customers in Workstation are not automatically synced with Maven on a daily basis. You will can always add customers manually and record purchases manually as well.

The Premium Plan includes everything in the Basic Plan, but also leverages the capabilities of AMI, your virtual, personal assistant. AMI makes sure you spend as little time as possible keeping up with your business tasks and maximizes your sales and the time you can spend cultivating customer relationships.

You can opt for an monthly or annual pricing option. Annual pricing is only available on billing.maven-labs.com.


  • United States: $7.99/month OR $6.42/month billed annually
  • Canada: $10.99 CAD/month OR $8 CAD/month billed annually
  • United Kingdom: £6.49/month OR £4.75/month billed annually
  • Australia: $10.99 AUD/month OR $8.25 AUD/month billed annually
  • New Zealand: $11.49 NZD/month OR $9 NZD/month billed annually

Specifically, functionality in the Premium Plan that are not included in the Basic Plan include:

How do I figure out how many days are left in my trial?

When you open up the Maven app, there is a banner above the To Do tab that includes the number of days left in your trial.

How do I pay for my subscription?

Login to billing.maven-labs.com to manage your subscription to the Premium Plan. Maven only offers our annual billing through billing.maven-labs.com and not directly through Apple. We accept credit card payments via Stripe (used by Etsy, Target and other major brands for payment processing) or Apple Subscriptions if you are an iPhone user. We set up recurring monthly payments for your subscription that you can cancel at any time.

Both payment processing systems are secure and ensure that we never store credit card information in our systems, so your credit card information is safe.

Will I be automatically charged when my trial ends?

If you sign up through billing.maven-labs.com for your Premium Plan, we will not charge until your trial has ended. If you signup for a monthly Premium Plan subscription through Apple, you will be charged as soon as you opt in.

We do not collect any payment information at the beginning of your trial. If you choose not to opt for the Premium Plan at the end of your trial, you will simply be switched to the Basic Plan with Maven. You can upgrade to the Premium Plan at any time.

Who do I contact for other billing questions?

Feel free to reach out at billing@maven-labs.com with any questions. We'll respond back as soon as we can.