Just getting started with Maven? Not to worry. The Maven app helps with many aspects of your business, but we're also here to help you dive in one piece at a time.

We've identified the top five key features that every Scentsy consultant #poweredbymaven should know about. Read about each feature below and click on any of the titles to dive into a longer article featuring step-by-step tutorials and videos.

You're out and about and you discover yourself in a converstion about your Scentsy business and your favorite new Scent (the Maven team is currently loving the Pina Colada Cha Cha scent), but you don't have a product catalog handy. No worries! Maven has you covered with a mobile catalog that makes it easy to share a product link over text, FB Messenger, email or just by sending over a link. We also help you track whether the link was viewed. Learn More

2. Recording samples

We know many Scentsy consultants share samples, especially to build relationships with potential new customers. Keeping track of all samples sent to customers and remembering to reach out to them after they've tried the sameple can be a challenge. Maven created sample-related features to help with exactly that. Learn More

3. Using contact categories

There are so many different types of contacts in your Scentsy business. From customers, to hostesses, to recruits—and tracking a contact's stage in the pipeline can be a challenge. Maven enables you to track your contacts and easily filter them for outreach activities. Learn More

4. Follow-up with customers

When we first launched Maven, we found that 96% of consultants we spoke to had no follow-up system. And we didn't blame them; they were no great tools to help track when to reachout to customers. Maven created an automated follow-up system that ensures you reach out the your customers at regular intervals to help provide the best customer experience and ensure repeat orders in the future. Learn More

5. Using Social Shop

With our Social Shop, consultants in the past have found that they have gotten new customers and built a stronger presence on social media, especially Instagram. Learn more about how the Social Shop makes it easier for your followers to buy your current favorite Scentsy products and doubles as a simple, digital business card branded by you. Learn More