Where can I get trained on using Maven?

We host regular trainings every Tuesday at 12PM MT. You can sign up anytime by clicking here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/rt/5893139728836237324.

You can also learn about Maven at your own pace by visiting the Learn With Maven page. You'll also receive daily educational content via your email from hello@maven-labs.com for the first five days after you download Maven, which reviews these key features.

Finally, Janessa, our Head of Community, goes Live in our Scentsy #poweredbymaven Facebook community every Monday at 12:30 PM MST. Catch Janessa live or watch the replay. Feel free to drop questions or comments into the Live video, and someone from the Maven team will respond ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions
Data & Workstation Syncing
Product Catalog
Social Media
Account & Consultant Status


1. What is Maven?

Maven is a mobile app that empowers you to manage your business from anywhere, while on the go. Maven makes it easy to follow up with customers and leads, share products and opportunities, and achieve the business goals you’ve been aiming for. It was designed by talking to hundreds of consultants just like you.

2. Why is Scentsy partnering with Maven?

Over the past 12 months Scentsy has been talking to numerous of consultants about their businesses, and overwhelmingly one of the biggest challenges they heard was, “I’m not very good at customer follow up." Sound familiar?

When asked about what follow up systems consultants use, the common response was: “There are binders, notebooks, spreadsheets, and recipe cards to keep track of customers and what they’ve purchased, but it becomes an extra step in my day and it isn’t long before I stop following up.”

Based on this feedback, Scentsy is partnering with Maven to help solve these pain points in the consultant experience. Scentsy and Maven recently ran a pilot with roughly 450 consultants using the app and the results speak for themselves.

3. What should I do if I’m interested in trying Maven?

Download the app for free in the App Store for iPhone (requires iOS 9.0 or higher) or Google Play Store for Android (requires Android 6.0 or higher). You can try the Premium version of Maven for 30 days for free.

After the 30 day free trial, you can select a plan that best fits your needs. You do not need to enter a credit card number to start your Maven trial. To review the difference between the Premium and Basic Plans, please see the answer to question 6 below.

4. Where can I find more information about how to use Maven and the functionality available?

We've got lots of videos and step-by-step tutorials in our Help Portal.

And to view answers to commonly-asked questions and latest trainings on new product updates, visit the Scentsy #poweredbyMaven Facebook Community.

5. What are the difference between the Premium and Basic plans?

The following functionality and features are only available in the Premium Plan:

6. How do I continue with the Premium Plan after my trial is over?

You can begin your paid, Premium Plan by logging into billing.maven-labs.com. Note that Maven does not ask for a credit card upfront when you begin your 30-day Premium Plan trail after downloading the app.

7. How much does Maven cost?

The Premium plan is $7.99 USD per month or $77 USD per year (20% discount). We converted to all other currencies based on conversion rates reflective of September 2018.
For any billing-related questions, please contact [billing@maven-labs.com](mailto: billing@maven-labs.com).

8. What regions does Maven support?

Maven supports all consultants in R1, R2 and R3 and is currently optimized for English-speaking consultants, though you are welcome to modify any messaging template in your native language.

9. Is there a Desktop version of Maven?

Yes! This the Desktop version can be used to manage your contacts. Login at my.maven.app to get started and learn more about how to use the Desktop Portal by visiting this Help Portal article.

10. Can I use Maven on my iPad or Android tablet?

Absolutely! Maven does work on your iPad (iOS 9.0 or higher) and Android tablet (Android 6.0 or greater required) though it was designed for optimal use on a mobile phone. You can download and use Maven on multiple smart devices at the same time by logging into the same account for all devices.

Data and Workstation Syncing

11. What data is synced from Workstation to Maven and how often does it sync?

Customer contacts and their orders since May 1, 2016 are synced to Maven. A customer contact is defined as someone who has purchased from you in the past. This includes any information you included in Workstation on how to reach the customer contact (email, phone number or address).

If you wish to add more customer contacts from the past, you can upload your contacts via CSV into Maven.

This data is synced every night at 2AM in your local time zone. You can also sync on-demand at any time.

Note that Workstation syncing is only available for Premium Plan subscribers.

12. I have a lot of duplicate customers contacts in Workstation and have many of them in my phone. Will I have redundant information in Maven?

When you sync your data from Workstation to Maven, Maven automatically identifies as many duplicates as possible and merge these contacts so you won’t see duplicates.

Of course, we may not be able to detect that two customer contacts are the same person For example, you might have Sally Quest saved on your workstation and might have saved her on your phone as Sally Mars, for her maiden name. If our system doesn’t automatically detect duplicate customer contacts, you can merge them manually within Maven by following the steps in this article.

13. I just added a contact and/or some of their contact information in Maven. Can I access this from my Workstation?

At this time, Maven is unable to update Workstation on your behalf with new or updates information about your customer contacts. Scentsy and Maven are currently exploring how to provide this capability and will be sure to let all Scentsy consultants using Maven know when this becomes available.

14. What happens to my data if I decided I don’t want to use Maven?

You can always choose to use our Basic version, which is absolutely free, to manage your business contacts, message them on-the-go and share quick links to the product catalog.

If you would prefer to cancel and delete your account completely, please contact support@maven-labs.com and someone from our Support team will be able to delete your account for you. Rest assured that all your data will be deleted upon your request. This includes any contacts stored in the Maven app.

15. What happens to my data if I decided I don’t want to use Maven?

Scentsy and Maven take security extremely seriously and worked together to provide a secure environment for your data.
Our promise to you from a data security standpoint is:

  • We keep your data encrypted to prevent it from being leaked.
  • No one from the Maven team will ever have access your credentials for your Workstation or contact a customer on your behalf.
  • We will not store credit card information in our system.
    For more information, please review Maven's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Product Catalog Support

16. What products are available to view and share from Maven’s Scentsy mobile catalog?

Maven syncs its Scentsy product catalog on a daily basis at 9:30AM MST. If you don't see a product in Maven that was recently launched, please reach out to support@maven-labs.com and we'll make sure to get that fixed as soon as possible. We are currently working with the Scentsy team to launch a more timely product catalog update process.

You can, however, record any retired products as purchased (during a vendor event, for example), if catching up on past customer purchases. Here is an article that explains how to record a purchase in the Maven app.

17. What about bundles and promotions not reflecting in the Maven app currently? I’ve also noticed that there are sometimes new products available on Scentsy’s shopping website that are not available in Maven.

Scentsy and Maven are working together to make any product updates (new products, promotions, product being out of stock) available as soon as possible in the Maven app. Our goal is to have this process streamlined before Scentsy Family Reunion. Stay tuned for more updates!

18. What about SOTM and WOTM? When can I record samples and purchases of both before they are available for sale on the Scentsy website?

As part of the product updates detailed in the question above, we’re also working to make sure SOTM and WOTM are also available to record as purchases or samples prior to them being released publically on our website. Stay tuned for more updates!


19. I'm trying to send an email from Maven. I have an iPhone and an email isn't getting sent.

For emails to be sent from an iPhone app, Apple requires the Mail app to be downloaded on your iPhone and setup with an email address. Here is how to setup the Mail app with an email on your iPhone: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201320.

20. I use Gmail to send emails from my iPhone. Can I not use Gmail to send emails from Maven?

Unfortunately, Apple only allows the Mail App to send emails from an iPhone app. To send emails, configure the Mail App on your iPhone to connect to your Gmail account (see answer to Question 19 above).

21. When I send emails from my iPhone, my non-Scentsy business email appears. How do I change that?

In order to ensure that your Scentsy business email address always appears, you will want to make it your default email address on the Mail app. However, this means that anytime you open the Mail app this email will default for the "From" email address. You can always choose to change the email address specific in the "From" from selecting from the dropdown.

To adjust your default email address in the Mail app, follow these instructions:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Mail
  2. Scroll down to the Composing section
  3. Tap the option for Default Account and set the account you prefer.

Social Media

22. How do I set up Maven to allow me to message my contacts on Facebook Messenger?

To enable Facebook Messenger in Maven, please review this article.

23. I post personal and business photos on my Instagram account. Does Maven post my personal photos on my Social Shop?

We never post any Instagram photos on your Social Shop without your review. Many of our Mavens have an Instagram account that they use for personal and professional use; these accounts often have the best success because it shows your followers the authenticity of your personal brand.

After you link your Instagram account to Maven, Maven will begin creating to dos to tag your posts. Tag products in your posts that feature products in your catalog. You can also tag the opportunity to join or host for your company in your posts, so be creative! For any posts that are not applicable for your Social Shop, you can choose not to tag the post. Maven never posts photos in your Social Shop without your consent.

Notifications and Future Features

24. I’m not getting notifications every day to complete my To Dos. Where can I set that up?

To set up automated reminders, do the following:

  • Tap the three dots icon on the top right corner of the To Dos tab (second icon from the right)
  • Tap the Edit Settings option
  • Tap the Allow Notifications button
    You can adjust the time you see notifications by selecting the Daily To Do Notifications row at the very top. The default time is 8 AM in your time zone. Note that you won’t get a todo every single day. Each todo has a different schedule for when it is triggered.

25. I'm a team manager. Can I see my team in Maven?

We are working on our team functionality support roadmap. Send us a message at ideabox@maven-labs.com with ideas for what you would like to do within Maven to manage your team!

Maven Account Status

26. What happens to my Maven account if I decide I no longer wish to be a Scentsy consultant?

If you are no longer a consultant, you will notice a few changes:

  • If you have linked your personal website to Maven for easy product link sharing, all product links will now navigate to the main Scentsy website
  • If you are paying for the Premium version of the app, Workstation syncing will no longer work
    Note that if you are paying for the Premium plan, you will need to cancel your account on your own by logging into billing.maven-labs.com with your Maven account email address and password.

27. What happens to my Maven account if my account is temporarily suspended due to compliance concerns?

If your Scentsy account has been suspended, you will notice a few changes:

  • If you have linked your personal website to Maven for easy product link sharing, all product links will now navigate to the main Scentsy website
  • If you are paying for the Premium version of the app, Workstation syncing will not work until your account is no longer suspended

Maven Support Channels

28. What is the best way to send the Maven team feedback or report a bug?

The two best methods for reaching out to us are:

For brainstorms and ideas about new features:

Using any of these channels ensures someone from the Maven team will respond within 24 hours on weekdays. We are available 6 AM PST - 6 PM PST on weekdays and do our best to respond as soon as possible during the weekend.